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Blue Moon has been on a two-week break for the holidays and everyone has returned refreshed and ready for work. David arrives still in holiday mode, in his Mexican attire wearing a sombrero, and immediately gets the wobblies in a festive mood by singing La Bamba. 

David’s father “David Addison Sr.”(played by Paul Sorvino) arrives in town to tell his son that he is getting married and he would like David to be his Best Man.  David is very happy for him until he finds out that he knows his father’s bride-to-be. David had a one-night stand with this woman four years ago and goes all out to avoid meeting her. This causes friction between father and son so David Sr asks Richie to be the Best Man instead. David breaks up the ceremony to speak to Stephanie, the bride-to-be in private. 

During this conversation, David is surprised to learn that after all this, she does not remember him at all.


A man kills his wife during an argument. He buries her near their log cabin in the woods. But the day after she began harassing him with threatening phone calls. He goes back to the woods to check on the body but it’s gone. So he decides to approach Blue Moon to help him find her. However, he doesn’t tell Maddie and David that he killed her (or thought he killed her) during an argument.

After an argument about whether or not to deal with a man who would strike his wife, Maddie and David trace the woman, but during a car chase she seemingly drives over a cliff and dies again. 

This is the first episode in which the new character MacGillicuddy (played by Jack Blessing) appears


Following an argument about their respective expectations of what a date should be, David challenges Maddie to provide him with a “fun” evening out, and he is to show her a “fine” evening out. He decides he’s going to take her to the theater. He drives all around town to buy tickets but finds that they are all sold out. 

He thinks his luck has changed when a scalper approaches him with two tickets to the symphony.  Unfortunately for David, these tickets were robbed from a man who was involved in an assassination plot. And unbeknownst to David, the tickets are not together.

Maddie and David discover that there is an assassination plot that in a few hours will cause an international incident.

The episode culminates with David being forced to take the place of one of the participants in a boxing match promoted by Don King, who makes a guest appearance.

This episode is yet another example of Moonlighting “breaking the fourth wall” as the cold-open includes The Temptations singing their hit song, “Psychedelic Shack”, as well as David talking Maddie into doing the same thing.


A married woman approaches Blue Moon to help find a man that she has been corresponding with. She says he is her secret admirer. She wants Maddie and David to contact this man and inform him that the letter-writing must now stop.

While Maddie and David are investigating the case, both the woman and the secret admirer die. The woman is murdered and the admirer jumps out of the window of his apartment. However, Maddie and David believe they died under mysterious circumstances.

This episode introduces a new character to the Moonlighting Team, Herbert Viola played by Curtis Armstrong (uncredited in this episode) who will become a love interest for Miss DiPesto, played by Allyce Beasley.

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