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After being stripped of most of her financial assets by her embezzling accountant, former model Maddie Hayes discovers that she owns a number of money-losing businesses that were maintained as tax write-offs, including the City of Angels detective agency. She decides to sell off the agency, to the dismay of David Addison, the wisecracking investigator who has been running it. David attempts to persuade her that the business has a future and should be kept open. Maddie accidentally comes into possession of a wristwatch that holds the clue to the location of a cache of smuggled Nazi diamonds. The pair retrieve the diamonds, but both the jewels and the criminal who was seeking them end up falling from the clock tower where the gems had been concealed. The pilot, originally presented on The ABC Sunday Night Movie, was split into two episodes for syndication.


It’s Maddie’s first day at the office. But as soon as she arrives she realizes there is not much happening and not much for her to do. She confronts David as to why there are no clients and the phones, aren’t ringing. So in desperation, David runs across to a rival Detective Agency and steals a client, and brings him back to Blue Moon. This man wants them to find his estranged son, but the plot thickens when Maddie and David realize that everything is not what it seems.


Blue Moon is hired to provide security at a company run by one of Maddie’s friends, which has been plagued by information leaks and sabotage. The company’s main competitor Preston Holt, claims that he is getting his inside information from a psychic named Omar Gauss. Maddie and David discover that the father of Maddie’s friend also visits the psychic and conclude that he is selling company secrets, however, the case turns out not to be that clear cut when they discover who is actually behind the whole thing.


Paul McCain reigns over late-night AM talk radio, KRKD 1040. During the 2 to 6 am timeslot, listeners could call “The Heartbreak Hotline” at 555-HART to pour out their fears, hopes, and dreams. One night, in the midst of a live broadcast, loud, violent staccatos of gunfire bust out across the air, stopping the voice of Paul McCain in mid-sentence. The resulting investigation receives attention and front page headlines; David immediately sees dollar signs and that it’s great publicity for the agency; all Maddie sees in they have no clients and she turns her nose up at the idea of lonely people calling a stranger on the radio. Maddie and David end up investigating the on-air shooting of the radio talk show host. Nut Maddie is unsure whether to take it any further when she learns that the host was having an affair with a married woman. The host soon turns up alive, having faked his own death to keep the affair from his boss, but is then accused of the murder of his lover’s husband, who was also his boss. Both the host and his mistress hire Blue Moon to prove their innocence, and Maddie and David disagree over who they believe actually committed the crime.


Miss DiPesto wins a competition, to join a Murder on the Orient Express-inspired crime game on a train created by her favorite crime author, JB Harland. She is accompanied by Maddie and David to Central Station because she doesn’t want to leave her car there overnight. Due to David’s antics on the train, Maddie and David miss leaving the train before it departs, and now have to stay on the train since it will not be able to stop for 24 hours. While the train is in motion, JB Harland is murdered. Now everyone on the train is a suspect and are all very suspicious of each other and Maddie and David are left to solve the crime. The episode concludes with a showdown atop the moving rain with the killer trying to escape.


Maddie and David do some moonlighting of their own for a debt collection agency when Blue Moon is short of money. They discover that one of the debtors has been killed, but when they return with the police, the body has disappeared and a completely different man is at the scene claiming to be the client. This leads the duo to become involved in an assassination plot and in order to save the suspected victim, whom they know is a Chinese man with a mole on his nose, they must get into a formal dinner event where their successful effort to prevent the murder culminates in a huge food fight amongst all the event’s attendees.

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