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Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd from the S3 episode;
“Symphony In Knocked Flat”

Shawna’s review is that David is Maddie’s obnoxious little brother, and is a gnat that won’t go away.

Grace wonders why David asks Agnes to take his messages while he’s out. What messages?

David decides to straighten Omar Gauss’s drawers, but also wants to do the same for Maddie.

Grace’s review of Vivian’s “Laser Gun Outfit.”

Grace wonders why the doors to Maddie’s office are open.

One of Shawna’s favorite David lines is in this episode. “The Mind Reels.”

Scott Ryan solved the Enselmo Case!! He is the Capo del Tutti Capi now!

Shawna having difficulty getting her words out to describe David telling Maddie to make a left turn from the far right lane.

Diana describes her experience meeting Bruce Willis for the first time.

Grace gets excited that Maddie and David get to roll on the carpet, but is disappointed because Richie is between them!

Glenn describes how he would get grief from the network about his dialogue for David and Maddie.

A funny scene where Maddie thinks every word coming out of David’s mouth is “Cow Patties!”

Shawna is enjoying the fact that there is too much blood in Maddie’s alcohol system.

Shawna believes that in this episode of Moonlighting, Maddie and David have reached their PEAK HOTNESS!

If you ever want to introduce anyone to Moonlighting for the first time, this is the go-to episode.

Grace is convinced Maddie is extremely suspicious of Gillian, not knowing that she is overly jealous as well.

Shawna has an obsession with Bruce’s crotch and underwear in this episode. She believes he is not “tucked in” the way he should be.

Shawna reveals how a snippet from Cybill’s real life is included in this episode.

Grace and Shawna believe that there is a page missing from their copy of the script, as things just don’t add up in this episode.

Grace believes that Maddie and David should have called “Ghostbusters.”

T’was the episode before christmas

Moonlighting The Podcast’s first-ever Live Event where our Moonies got to join in on Grace & Shawna’s shenanigans.

Grace and Shawna discuss 90-weight motor oil, and the best applicant ever, Miss Vance.

Shawna talks about Maddie’s wacky friends as well as the multiple goofs in this episode. Grace refers Shawna to Debra Frank & Carl Sautter.

Grace talks about the Die Hard axe. Shawna doesn’t leave a party before the cake is cut. The censors weren’t paying attention in this one.

Shawna brings the Podcast to a dead stop to refute Scott Ryan’s review of a scene.

Shawna tries to use lines from Moonlighting, but it doesn’t always work. Grace wishes David slid everything off Maddie’s desk for a different reason!

Grace calculates whether David has actually solved a crime. Shawna is not paying attention to what Grace is saying. “What were we talking about?”

Shawna can’t work out why Agnes is such a creep magnet. Director, Alan Arkush has a cameo appearance in this episode.

Jay reveals his experiences working with Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. Jay loves the idea of us adding up all the door slams.

Shawna and Grace disagree on who gave the best kiss in this episode. Maddie or David? What do you think?


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