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Moonlighting began streaming on HULU on October 10, 2023!

Grace and Shawna review some of the music changes that have been made to get Moonlighting streaming on HULU.

Due to the many songs that were on Moonlighting, it was a difficult task to get it streaming due to all the music rights.

Some songs had to go, but many have remained in the show.

Have a listen to what Grace and Shawna have to say about the changes.

Glenn Gordon Caron is an American Writer, Director, and Producer, best known for the television series Moonlighting in the 1980s and Medium in the 2000s. 

Grace and Shawna interview Glenn about his experiences in creating this Emmy Award-winning TV Series. 

They discuss the behind-the-scenes fast-paced environment due to Cybill and Bruce being in the majority of the scenes. They also chat about the cast and crew, the late scripts, the guest stars, the fast dialogue, the cinematography, the various directors, and dealing with the network to ensure his vision for the show came to fruition. 

Glenn also talks about his many fond memories of the show, one, in particular, was asking Orson Welles to do an introduction to the episode “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice”.

Caron subsequently co-produced the first 12 episodes of Remington Steele (NBC, 1982-’87) before leaving to form his own company, Picturemaker Productions. 

Glenn was invited by ABC to write a pilot for the network. The first two pilots did not receive a series order, but Caron’s third attempt was his award-winning script for Moonlighting. Caron created Moonlighting (ABC, 1985-’89), a worldwide hit that revitalized the career of Cybill Shepherd and launched the career of Bruce Willis

Between its third and fourth seasons, Caron directed his first feature film, Clean and Sober (1988), starring Michael Keaton. Caron then directed three more feature films — Wilder Napalm (1993) Love Affair (1994), and Picture Perfect (1997), starring Jennifer Aniston — before returning to television in 1999.

Caron wrote and produced episodes of the first and second seasons of the FX series Tyrant, and in the spring of 2017, he joined CBS’s Bull as a consulting producer.

Glenn Gordon Caron was the recipient of the 2007 Outstanding Television Writer Award at the Austin Film Festival. He was also nominated for four Prime Time Emmy Awards for his work on Moonlighting between 1986 and 1987.

Glenn won a Writers Guild of America Award for his 1985 pilot script for Moonlighting.

This interview is a great insight into the making of Moonlighting!

Click below to watch or listen to the podcast player.

Grace and Shawna interview the Executive Producer and one of the Directors of Moonlighting, JAY DANIEL.

Jay was also an Executive Producer on many other shows such as;

  • Roseanne – 99 episodes ’90-’94
  • Cybill – 29 episodes ’95-’96
  • The Naked Truth ’97

Jay talks about how he started in the business, the clocks on the eastern building, Bruce and Cybill’s relationship, working on the Cybill show, working on Roseanne, and Glenn’s process to get the script the way he wanted it to be.

He also discusses Gerry Finnerman who was the Director of Photography, and Robert Turturice the costume designer for Cybill on Moonlighting.

We enjoyed hearing about the creation of the Atomic Shakespeare episode and how some of the Moonlighting locations were chosen. We talked about the memorable episode “T’was the episode before Christmas”, and you should hear his reaction to how many door slams there are so far!


Click below to listen.

Scott Ryan is the Managing Editor of The Blue Rose Magazine and the author of many books such as;

  • Thirty Something
  • The Last Days of Letterman
  • Twin Peaks
  • Fire Walk with Me; Your Laura Disappeared, and of course, the book that we are all so happy that he wrote,
  • Moonlighting, An Oral History!

He is also the Co-President of Fayetteville Mafia Press and host of The Red Room Podcast

Scott talks about his many memories of Moonlighting and how he aspired to be David Addison. A long-time Moonlighting fan he decided to go on an adventure and contact the major players of this Emmy-award-winning show from the 80s and put together an oral history taboot!

Thank you Scott for such an enjoyable and insightful interview. Click below to listen!

Jeff Reno & Ron Osborn are a writing team responsible for many episodes of Moonlighting. They also served as Producers on the show.

Their many other credits include: Duckman Private Dick/Family Man, Mork & Mindy, Meet Joe Black and The West Wing.

Jeff and Ron talk about how they met in the early days and their writing relationship along the way. They also give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Moonlighting.

And of course, we talked about their process, inspiration, and approach to writing “Atomic Shakespeare” in iambic pentameter.

In this Bonus Interview Episode of Moonlighting The Podcast, Shawna and Grace were very excited and thrilled to have Cybill Shepherd join them.

She talks about her life with Film Director Peter Bogdanovich, having Orson Welles as a house guest, and behind-the-scenes details about the Moonlighting set and so much more.

Originally from Memphis Tennessee, at the age of 16, she won the Miss Teenage Memphis title. Soon she was being cast in various modelling campaigns and became the “it” girl on the cover of magazines such as Teen and Glamour. In 1970 Director, Peter Bogdanovich saw Cybill’s image on the cover of a glamour magazine, THIS, moment sealed her future in the limelight. He cast her in his upcoming movie “The Last Picture Show” which was a major success. She went on to do “The Heartbreak Kid”, “Daisy Miller”, “At Long Last Love”, and then another success “Taxi Driver”.

In 1983 Cybill was cast in the NBC television drama “The Yellow Rose.”

In 1985 she was approached by Glenn Gordon Caron to star as Madolyn Hayes in a “hawksian” style comedy called Moonlighting. (Referring to the American Director, Howard Hawks.)

Since then she’s gone on to do numerous movies such as “Chances Are” in 1989.

Cybill has appeared in many TV shows but in 1995 Cybill got her own sitcom called “Cybill” which ran from 1995-1998.

In 2000 Cybill released her autobiography called “Cybill Disobedience” which became a best-seller. 

She appeared in 19 episodes of the series “The L Word” alongside her daughter Clementine, from 2007-2009.

In 2012 Cybill made her Broadway debut in “The Best Man.”

Most recently she starred in “Being Rose” in 2017, and in 2023 she starred in “How to Murder Your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story.”

And she shows no signs of stopping!

Please enjoy this special bonus episode with the very beautiful Cybill Shepherd!

A very special thank you to Glenn Gordon Caron, Executive Producer, Moonlighting.

Moonlighting – An Oral History

Like Grace and Shawna, Actor Jerry O’Connell has been a devoted Moonlighting Fan from the beginning. In this episode, he shares his memories of being a teenager watching Moonlighting and the effect it has had on his life since. But first a little bit about Jerry.

He began his acting career at a very young age. He was featured in some commercial and TV work. But he got his big break in 1986, when at the ripe old age of 12, he played the role of “Vern Tessio” in the popular film Stand by Me, opposite River Phoenix and Corey Feldman.

After that, he worked on many TV-Movies and TV series, one of them being, a starring role in My Secret Identity from 1988 to 1991. In 1993, he starred in Calendar Girl opposite Jason Priestley.

And, how can we forget when back in 1996 Jerry landed the role of the superstar quarterback, ”Frank Cushman” in the successful film Jerry McGuire opposite Tom Cruise? 

In 1999 he played Mariah Carey’s boyfriend in her music video “Heartbreaker”. The best part, by the way, is when she poured coke in his lap!

From 1995-1999 he starred in the TV Series Sliders. In 1997 he starred in Scream 2, and in 1999 he starred in the film Body Shots.

He has also appeared in movies such as:

Tomcats (2001), 

Buying the Cow (2002), 

Kangaroo Jack (2003), Yours, Mine & Ours (2005), 

Man About Town (2006) and 

Room 6 (2006). 

He starred in 88 episodes of Crossing Jordan from 2002 to 2007

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you will know that Jerry starred in three episodes as George Cooper Jr. Or should we say “Georgie.”

More recently he was the voice of Commander Jack Ransom in Star Trek: Lower Decks, and, he is currently a Co-Host on the CBS Daytime talk show, “The Talk”

Not only is he a talented actor, but he is also a producer, writer and director.

Jerry, thank you for sharing your memories of Moonlighting, on Moonlighting The Podcast!

In this episode, Grace and Shawna talk about Moonlighting to their new Co-Producer Bob Suh.

Because of his extensive expertise, he was keen to join the team and add his pinch of color and creative design to Moonlighting The Podcast.

But not only that! He loves Moonlighting! Listen to how he describes his memories of being a teenager and watching Maddie and David’s chemistry on screen.

Bob Suh is a visual artist and graphic designer with 25-plus years of experience in print design and over a decade in online creative production.

He has designed and produced work for world-class museums; award-winning performing arts organizations; high-tech startups; publishers of books, magazines, and newspapers; and a circus.

His creative pursuits include music, photography, filmmaking, and writing—usually bathed in the glow of a MacBook Pro.

Welcome aboard Bob!

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd behind the scenes in “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice”

Moonlighting The Podcast

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